Lend No Credence

Here's something that all atheist bloggers could do – Avoid authorizing stupidity!

Don't lend any credence to blogs and websites that advocate intolerant malevolence or terminal stupidity. Better to provide a Google link to moralistic intolerance, or creationist or intelligent designer stupidity than to link to a bigotted or creationist site.

Here are some other alternatives:
ȸ Anti-Discovery Institute (for sense, consult Americans United),
ȸ Center for Pseudoscience and ControlFreakism,
ȸ Deception re Genesis (for sense, consult No Answers in Genesis),
ȸ Evolution News and Biased Views (for sense, Talk Origins, there are so many good websites that a Google search may be best Evolution research)
ȸ Founding Fathers (for sense, consult The Christian Nation Myth or Founding Documents),
ȸ Religious Right (for sense, consult Religious Right Research),
ȸ Wedge Strategy, (for sense, consult Discovery Institute's "Wedge Project" Circulates Online)

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